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'Blood-D: A Call for All Life Savers!'

        The NSS branch of VIT, Pune proudly boasts that it successfully conducts Blood Donation Camps, once in every academic semester. A camp which is organized by VITians for VITians, within the college premises itself. The 2-day camp attracts around 350-400 donors. Two different blood banks (usually both of them Govt. Blood Banks) conduct the camps. We also provide refreshments for all the donors, before and after the donation.
        The previous camp was organized on 14th & 15th November 2017, with Blood Banks from Armed Forces Medical College (14/11/17) and Sasoon Hospital (15/11/17) collectively ensuring a donation of 411 blood bottles. A team of 45-50 volunteers worked for around 15 days to make the event a grand success!


  • Minimum weight of donor: 50 kgs.

  • Donor must not smoke/ drink atleast 24 hrs prior to donation.

  • Donor must not be on any kind of medication.

  • Donor must have had sufficient breakfast/ lunch.

  • Donor must satisfy all other medical requirements.


  • It is must for all to work with the Aesthetics Team.

  • Volunteers must be ready to work under any committee.

  • Volunteers must fulfill the Minimum-Work-Hour criteria.


  • The Donors receive a certificate and a Donor Card from the Blood Bank.

  • The Volunteers receive a Letter of Appreciation from Team VIT Socials.

Click here to register as a VOLUNTEER for Blood-D.
For more details, contact:
Nikita Patil (9764141767).
Amey Shingare (9673538292).



        Mahavitaran is an initiative taken by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (MSEDCL), in association with VIT Socials to spread awareness about electronic bill payment modes. Stattistics say that as of today, only about 23% of the public pay their electricity bill through online services. We aim to increase this number and help achieve the dream of Digital India.

What do we do?

  • Perform street plays at various public sites to help spread awareness about e-billing either through the Maha Vitaran android app or from the , the official website of MSEDCL.

  • Organize workshops to teach the Maha Vitaran app and payment through website.

For more details, contact:
Akash Naikwade (9730206496).



'DRUSHTI: A writing hand for the blind'

        Team Drushti is an initiative by VIT Socials which aims at providing writers for the Blind/Disabled people.It gets very difficult to find an effective writer for writing their entrance examinations (RBI,CA,etc).Thus, Team Drushti will be working on providing writers for these visually impaired people.


  • You can enroll yourself for English as well as Marathi writing.

  • These exams are conducted only on weekends.

  • The volunteers will be informed at least one week prior to exam.


  • You will be awarded with a certificate from the College and Team Socials.

  • The NGO will also provide you the certificates (if possible).

Click here to register for Drushti.
For more details, contact:
Shivam Walaskar (9075761972).