VIT Socials


Prof. Gajanan Ghuge

NSS Programme Officer,

VIT, Pune

        Positive change in every aspect of society is expected by every individual and it's obvious too. But the main concern is everyone points towards other person or organization or government to make such changes. The fact is every individual is the basic component of the society and hence we must start from our self to be responsible for every positive change we wish to see in the society. It is the best way to nourish not only society but our own life too. After all, the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others. VIT Socials is the way to serve, to find yourself, to have your identity as a real human being. To be a human - be social and together we can make a visible positive change.

Socials Council Person(2018-2019)

Aniket Dabetwar

Socials Secretaries(2018-2019)

Atul Jagtap

Nirmity Bomidwar

Mantramurty Patangankar

From the Diaries of Ex-Socials Secretaries

Socials Secretaries(2017-2018)

Samruddhi Mane

Shivam Walaskar

Socials Secretaries(2016-2017)

Nikhil Badgu

Priyanka Wadekar

Aakanksha Gaikwad